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Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

engage in real-world experiences in high-demand corporate environments

The Business, Marketing, & Entrepreneurship Strand provides students the opportunity to work on partner-driven projects and solving business problems while learning general business and marketing concepts with an entrepreneurial focus.  The courses are designed to provide students with a foundation in the content as they engage in profession-based learning.  Through regular interactions with academic and industry experts, students will begin their journey in becoming members of the business and marketing community.

Coursework Information:

  • GB120 Business Enterprise (3 CR – Fall – 1st Year Student)
  • ECON101 Economics of Social Issues (3 CR – Fall – 2nd Year Student)
  • TBA (3 CR – Spring – 1st Year Student)
  • TBA (3 CR – Spring – 2nd Year Student)
  • GB115 Industry Partner Experience (1 CR – F/SP)
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