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Business, Communication & Technology

engage in real-world experiences in high-demand corporate environments

The Business, Communication, & Technology Strand provides students the opportunity to work on partner-driven projects and solving business problems while learning general business and marketing concepts with an entrepreneurial focus.  Engineering, Computer Information Science, Finance, and Veterinarian Science opportunities are also included in this strand. The courses are designed to provide students with a foundation in the content as they engage in profession-based learning.  Through regular interactions with academic and industry experts, students will begin their journey in becoming members of the business and marketing community.

Coursework Information:

  • GB120 Business Enterprise (3 CR – Fall – 1st Year Student)
  • EH107 Environmental Science (3 CR – Fall – 2nd Year Student)
  • PSY 100 General Psychology (3 CR – Spring – 1st Year Student)
  • HS111 Medical Terminology (3CR – Spring – 1st Year Vet Science Students only)
  • ECON101 Economics of Social Issues (3 CR – Spring – 2nd Year Student)
  • GB115 Industry Partner Experience (1 CR – Fall/Spring – 1st and 2nd Year Students)
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